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At Web Consultant On Call dot Com we are pleased to present the series of "Non Toxic Building Products" themed websites that promote and are anchored by such companies which we believe to be outstanding in terms of achieving our above stated concern.  Much like a talent scout (talent agent / talent agency) we promote and network you to these manufacturers and retailers directly.  It fits perfectly with our mission to propagate non toxic thinking.

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We're on a mission to help detoxify living spaces everywhere!

The Public must demand healthy homes and living environments:  we have the non toxic materials AND we have the Technology.


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Stains, Finishes & Oils






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We are pleased to promote and network you with Safe Living Technologies Inc. the leading supplier of a RF Shielding Paint Coating in North America (concentrating on serving markets in Canada & USA). Y-Shield is respected as a leading brand for RF Shielding Paints and Safe Living Technologies Inc. is our leading North American Expert on call for EMR Mitigation (Electromagnetic Radiation Mitigation). Visit their website for an extensive selection of scientific equipment / products, services, and information. A perfect contribution to our non toxic thinking - Helping us to defeat the invisible enemy that surrounds us!

Safe Living Technologies: North America's leading specialist for EMR Mitigation.


Eco Building Resource: Centrally located in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) in downtown Aurora-Canada.

Trusted supply source for Eco Building Products & Resources



We are pleased to promote and network you with the complete line of CBR ProductsBRODA ® Less Toxic & Sustainable Coatings.  Recognized by Architects, Interior Designers, Builders, Contractors and Home Owners as excellent LEED Compliant Coatings.  Low VOC with a sustainable edge to these coatings for wood, stone, concrete and masonry substrates.  Following are a list of the less toxic - sustainable coatings CBR Products (Canadian Building and Restoration Prouducts Inc.) develops, manufactures, distributes and retails. A perfect complement to our bastion of non toxic products listed within the realm of our non toxic themed websites.  Scroll down to find more information (c/w the manufacturer's MSDS and Usage Information).


Order Non Toxic Coatings with CBR Products

Call Toll Free in Canada and the USA



premium quality, fast-curing flat finish, semi-transparent stain is ideal for interior and exterior wood surfaces

CBR Products develops, manufactures, distributes and retails less toxic sustainable coatings.





We are pleased to promote and network you with the complete line of AFM SafeCoat ® Non Toxic Coatings.  Recognized as one of the best Coating Manufacturers their building products contains no formaldehyde, have zero VOCvery low VOC or low VOC (Volatile Organic Compoundand are used by Interior Designers, Architects, Builders, those who wish to build cleaner air quality environments and those people with chemical sensitivities.  Following are a list of non toxic coatings by AFM Safecoat ® which complement those products listed in our other non toxic themed websites.  Scroll down this web page to find more information (complete with the manufacturers MSDS and Usage Information) for each of the non toxic coating.


AFM Safecoat: Doctor recommended Non Toxic Buuilding Products.


natural mineral pigments instead of dyes and no formaldehyde

unprecedented versatility for coating a wide variety of surfaces with a strong, durable finish that has no offensive solvents, fumes or odours

excellent pigmentation stability and superior coloration for any interior and exterior wooden surfaces

AFM SafeCoat ® DuroStain 
download spec sheet   download MSDS 

MFG. Part #: 7005 Clear

Interior / Exterior

Very Low VOC


View AFM SafeCoat's PDF file Colour Selection

Not considered a Dangerous Good

Eco Fee = Yes

Doctor Recommended For People With MCS


V V V V V V V 



AFM SafeCoat ® Acrylacq (Gloss & Satin):
download spec sheet   download MSDS 

AFM SafeCoat ® BP Polyureseal (Gloss & Satin):
download spec sheet   download MSDS 

AFM SafeCoat ® AcriGlaze (Gloss & Mat):
download spec sheet   download MSDS 

AFM SafeCoat ® DynoSeal:
download spec sheet   download MSDS 

AFM SafeCoat ® Driveway/Asphalt Sealer:
download spec sheet   download MSDS 

AFM SafeCoat ® DynoFlex Natural Tan:
download spec sheet   download MSDS 

AFM SafeCoat ® DynoFlex Roofguard:
download spec sheet   download MSDS 

AFM Naturals a Clear Penetrating Oil:
download spec sheet   download MSDS 

AFM Naturals a Dilutent Reducer 4099:
download spec sheet   download MSDS 

AFM Naturals a Oil Wax Finish:
download spec sheet   download MSDS 

Meets or exceeds all (US) Federal and State air quality regulations (including California).


Bee23 Beauty Rewritten: Natural skin care products by Bee 23 Beauty Products. Visit the Queen Bee's Blog by clicking on this image.

Natural Beauty Products: Solid Natural Scents, Body Balms, Facial Balms, and Lip Balms.  Natural skin care products made with jojoba oil. Beeswax base using only quality essential oils.

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Serving the GTA (Greater Toronto Area +).




Stains, Finishes & Oils







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The Toxic Enemy is coating us:  We must mobilize resources.  The Public must demand healthy alternatives: We have the non toxic raw materials and we have the Technology.


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